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AmeriGlide Vesta

The AmeriGlide Vesta boasts a durable rack and pinion design that delivers smooth, safe transit up and down your stairway and requires minimal maintenance on your part. Backed by industry-leading warranty coverage and designed to meet applicable safety standards for private users in the United States.
Drive Type Rack & Pinion
Battery Powered Yes
Self Installable Yes
Basic Installation Included No
Swivel Seat Yes
Standard Capacity 300 lb
Max Track Length, Standard 16'
Constant Pressure Controls Yes
Max Track Length, Optional 32'
Footrest Safety Sensor Yes
Track Material Powder Coated Aluminum
Seat Width 16.5"
Seat Depth 15"
Flip-Up Seat Yes
Flip-Up Armrests Yes
Unit Footprint, In Use 22.5"
Unit Footprint, Parked 14"
Track Footprint 6.25"
A Smooth, Safe Ride - Every Time You Use It. The AmeriGlide Vesta's rack and pinion drive system delivers reliable, unobtrusive transit up and down your stairs, and the shock-absorbent seat assembly and back rest are comfortably padded. The constant-pressure rocker switch that operates the Vesta stair lift must be depressed for a full three seconds before the unit moves, giving you plenty of time to steady yourself and preventing rocky, jarring starts and stops. The swiveling seat and armrests on the Vesta also flip up for easy transfer into the stair lift chair from a wheelchair or scooter.


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